The good life is built with good relationships

“The good life is built with good relationships” according to the Harvard University Study Grant and Glueck over two generations. For over 75 years, Harvard’s study has tracked the physical and emotional well-being of two populations: 456 poor men growing up in Boston from 1939 to 2014 (the Grant Study), and 268 male graduates from Harvard’s classes of 1939-1944 (the Glueck … Read More »

The Emotional Self

In an interview/article by Drake Baer in ‘Science of Us’, about the  book ‘How Emotions Are Made -The Secret Life of the Brain’ the author Lisa Feldman Barrett says the following about emotions: “Emotions are not your reactions to your world.  They are how you make sense of what’s going on inside your body in relation to the world.” It’s a subtle shift … Read More »

Forever The Creative Self

Our lifetimes span between our first and last breaths and it is up to us to live that time in whatever way makes sense to us as individuals.  We are living in the now, today, and we can choose to wear our coat back to front, eat our dinner in the morning, tap our way down the street to a … Read More »

The Bliss Self

“Follow your bliss”, Joseph Campbell says in his interviews with Bill Moyers a PBS documentary ‘The Power of Myth’ (1988), Episode 4: Sacrifice and Bliss Watch it here. I discovered Joseph’s work in the 90’s and it has taken me in many directions as I follow my own bliss. What is your bliss, your passion, and do you followed it? … Read More »

Ecological Self

The ecological self “The greening of the self is happening. It is happening in the arising of the ecological self.  And it is happening because of three converging developments.” This article was written by one of our great elders Joanna Macey in 2014  ‘The Greening of the Self’: The Most Important Development of Modern Times?’ Joanna Macy is an American who was born in 1929. … Read More »


This is an illustrations from the book “The Beautiful Brain” by the Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish neuroscientist 1852-1934.  It has just arrived by post. What a treat it will be!  It showcases Cajal’s contributions to neuroscience, explores his artistic roots and achievement, and looks at his work in relation to contemporary neuroscience imaging, appealing to general readers and … Read More »

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

BBC One broadcast a documentary about the wonderful Maya Angelou this pm.  You can watch it on the iPlayer……..a woman who lived life with passionnnnnn between her first and last breaths, she embraced life and its possibilities despite the pain and ugliness she experienced……….Here she is reciting one of her poems ‘And Still I Rise’ And Still I Rise You may … Read More »

One Day ‘ME’ London Workshop -Saturday March 11th 2017

One Day ‘ME’ LONDON Workshop Saturday March 11th 2017 8.30am-19.00pm                                     Click here for bookings This is a one-day life-mapping group workshop. A workshop for individuals on what is happening right now in your life, both privately and professionally, and the short-term possibilities for … Read More »

Daniel Kaheman on Happiness

Happiness Daniel Kaheman (recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2002) presents both the ‘remembering self’ and the ‘experiencing self’ in the 20minute video below, in the context of how we talk about happiness and being happy. The Selves & Happiness Consider memories your ‘remembering self’ has in your archive about happiness, the events; people; dreams; imaginings; sensations and … Read More »