The Emotional Self

In an interview/article by Drake Baer in ‘Science of Us’, about the  book ‘How Emotions Are Made -The Secret Life of the Brain’ the author Lisa Feldman Barrett says the following about emotions:

“Emotions are not your reactions to your world.  They are how you make sense of what’s going on inside your body in relation to the world.”

It’s a subtle shift in thinking, but profound in its own way too.  I begin to thinkkkkk about the relationship between brain and mind in the context of Lisa’s research and findings. What do you think?

Darke in the interview/article This Psychologist Is Figuring Out How Your Brain Makes Emotion cites the classical understanding of emotions  — a bundle of ideas dating back to the ancient Greeks — says that emotions are best described as something that happen to you. In this line of thinking, emotions are the antagonist of cool, calculated intellect; each emotion has a particular “center” in your brain and “expression” on your face.

Later on in the interview she says “So you can think about a little infant brain as a set of neurons awaiting instructions on how to wire itself. And early experience really wires the brain. A brain is programmed, in a sense, to wire itself to the physical and social realities of the environment that it inhabits. It’s by virtue of these experiences that the brain acquires the knowledge that it needs to predict and therefore construct its perceptions in the future and its experiences in the future”

This is a Video Link where Lisa talks about how emotions are made…….


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