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Our lifetimes span between our first and last breaths and it is up to us to live that time in whatever way makes sense to us as individuals.  We are living in the now, today, and we can choose to wear our coat back to front, eat our dinner in the morning, tap our way down the street to a tune in our head as we go to a meeting or elsewhere, read books about the poeple or events that inspire us, choose to smile at strangers, or simply breathe in a mindful way that brings us home to ourselves. We can make small, not so small or big shifts in our lives.  The universe we live in is expanding and has been since the Big Bang, so, its our nature to do the same. Is it not?

Here is a woman in her 80’s who is still expanding her life and more so her creative self. She has always inspired me to follow my bliss.  Agnès Varda is a photographer, artist and Film Director whose work was central to the development of the French New Wave film movement. This is an article about her written by Isaac Kaplan for the Artsy website in the context of her new exhibition in Blum & Poe gallery in New York City, which runs through April 15th 2017.

Grandmother of French New Wave Agnès Varda on Becoming an Artist at 88

An extract:  Though known as the “grandmother of the French New Wave,” for decades 88-year-old In many ways, doing something different has been the guiding principle of Varda’s 60 year plus career. Her work as a filmmaker, though associated with the French New Wave, has been marked by near constant change and abundant curiosity: she has shifted easily from narrative features to documentaries, sometimes combining the two. Through it all, there has always been the sense of an artist looking at the world, again and again, through persistent creation and playfulness. And she shows no signs of slowing down.

 “I’m lucky, in a way, to have discovered another form of expression in the last part of my life,” she said. “[Obrist] pushed me toward what I desired, and from that time it has become so obvious that this is what I always wanted to do.”

Below is an interview with her from late 2016.

Here is a link about her awards and a quote from the great woman herself..

“Do you know that my grandchildren call me ‘Mamita Punk’? It’s like the name of a stripper! I love it. I’m glad I’m still in the mood for enjoying jokes and punk behavior” Agnès Varda


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