Ecological Self

The ecological self

“The greening of the self is happening. It is happening in the arising of the ecological self.  And it is happening because of three converging developments.”

This article was written by one of our great elders Joanna Macey in 2014  ‘The Greening of the Self’: The Most Important Development of Modern Times?’

Joanna Macy is an American who was born in 1929.  She is an author, buddhist scholar, academic and an environmental activist.  You could choose to take the time to read the article and consider how connected you feel to the natural world around you?  It’s always interesting to hear what other thinkers, academics, doers and shakers have to say, how they are living their lives and their sense of the world we share.

Here is another link to Joanna’s talks in 2016  ‘Waylon Lewis with Joanna Macy: finding Peace in a Crazy World’.

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