The Possible Self, TPS is a creative process to visually life-map the past, present and possibilities for the future of an; individual's life in the 'ME' workshop or as a team in the 'US' workshop working on the same life-map of a project, corporate company, government, community group or indeed a country. The process is facilitated in an environment like an artist studio, relaxed, informal, bright and peaceful. You are asked to wear comfortable clothing and to bring photographs and images to support the duration of the lifetime you are mapping based on the workshop duration you have booked.



The Possible Self process is like mining. You can mine to whatever level is applicable depending on your needs, time and resources. The more you mine the more you discover about that life. The past informs the present and the present sets up the future. In a typical workshop you explore and evaluate your experiences from your birth until now. You come to know and understand how you have been living your life. The events, people and environments that filled the various stages of your life. You explore your inner world of dreams and imagination. You get to know the masks you might wear in different situations throughout your life and why you do. You identify when you are most confident and happy, when you are not and what influences or causes it.

1. Three hour 'ME' workshop that facilitates the life-mapping of immediate challenges and/or celebrations for individuals in groups or privately on request.

2. One day 'ME' or 'US' workshops that go to a deeper level of what is happening and possibilities for the short-term for individuals in groups or privately, and teams working on the same life-map.

3. Three day residential fully immersive workshop in a beautiful location in the countryside in the UK and the south of France. Included in the residential workshop are mindfulness sessions, yoga, inspirational speakers and massage, all designed to support you in the TPS work you will do.
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