About The Possible Self

The Possible Self is a very practical and creative life-mapping workshop. Participants are facilitated to produce a visual life-size autobiographical life-map of their journey from birth to now. Reflect on it. Explore the possibilities. Make plans or not. It's not therapy, counselling or coaching. You are the research-self in the first stage of the process; collating and mapping the information about yourself. An objective-self; discovering your story to-date the great with the not so great acts, chapters and moments. The imaginative-self; deciding what's next for you, your family, company or organisation. And the practical-self making plans for change, renewal and action.

Feeling the flame of curiosity, wonder, excitement and joy burning at your core in all that you do is a truly wonderful experience. If you don’t feel the ‘buzz’ for your own life, imagine the effect it has on you and those around you.


Your Workshop

The Possible Self process is like mining. You can explore your life story to whatever level is applicable to you depending on your needs, your time, your resources and where you are in your life at this point in time. In a typical workshop you explore and evaluate your experiences from your birth until now. You come to know and understand how you have been living your life. The events, people and environments that filled the various stages of your life. You explore your inner world of dreams and imagination. You get to know the masks you might wear in different situations throughout your life and why you do. You identify when you are most confident and happy. You list the competences you developed at each stage of your life so far.
You explore and imagine the potential for change and possible directions for your ongoing journey. You assess each possibility based on your resources and supports, the pros and cons, the level of excitement and inspiration you feel and the time you have left in your lives journey. You make a decision and start to develop a personal plan with schedules and resources to achieve your goals and objectives.

The Possible Self workshops facilitate you to find the courage, imagination, discipline and direction to focus your energy and resources on how you want to be in your life.

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